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Joy of Painting Sale

"There's nothing wrong with having a [keycap] for a friend"

 Blind-Bag Raffle Format

EIGHT colors are available:

Bright Red

Cadmium Orange

Indian Yellow

Sap Green

Phthalo Blue 

Prussian Blue

Permanent Mauve

Rainbow Connection

You can enter for up to 8 caps (you won't get any duplicate colors).

All caps MX.

Pricing:  $20/ea

Shipping: $3 US/ $12 Int'l

Sale Form:

Additional Gallery:

Form Closes: Feb 5 @ 12pm CST

Rainbow Connection /4

Bright Red /4

Cadmium Orange /3

Indian Yellow /3

Sap Green /3

Phthalo Blue /4

Prussian Blue /3

Permanent Mauve /3

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