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How it works:

  • fill out the commission form and send to

  • commissions are accepted on a rolling basis

  • if your commission is accepted, you will be contacted to discuss the specifics of what you want

  • commission orders are paid up front via PayPal

  • your caps get made over the next 2-6 weeks

  • you receive photos of your commission order for approval

  • your caps are shipped to you via USPS


  • all caps have MX stems

  • you can specify the color of the stems (otherwise I'll just pick one of your commission colors)

  • colors can be opaque or translucent

  • a variety of micas, glitters, and metal powders are available

  • if selecting "alternating top & bottom microdose colors," your commission microdoses will have the top and bottom 'pill' colors flipped between caps:  





Terms & Other Notes:

  • submitting a commission form is not placing an order.  you will be contacted if your commission is accepted. 

  • commissions are accepted on a rolling basis based on available time; please be patient.

  • once accepted, commissions will take approximately 2-6 weeks to make.  if for some reason this changes, you will be updated.

  • commissions are paid in full up front via PayPal

  • per-cap prices include up to 3 colors.  prices increase with each additional color.

  • all stems are MX.  topre is not available at this time.

  • if you do not approve the photos of a commission, I will work to make any corrections to ensure you get exactly what you want.  if for any reason I cannot meet your expectations, I reserve the right to provide a full refund, cancel the order, and sell the rejected caps to recoup incurred costs.

  • commissions of previous colorways and colorways commissioned by others will not be accepted.

  • commissions matched to common colorways (e.g., GMK sets) are permitted, but I reserve the right to run open sales that also match that common colorway in the future.

  • you can provide samples for color matching that will be returned with your completed commission

Black Bottom Milk.png
Black Top Milk.png

Commissions are: Open

Microdose Commission Form: PNGPDF
Resin Party ~ Microdose Commission Form.png

alternating top & bottom microdose colors

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